Our company on an ongoing basis sells used (B / H) reinforced concrete products for industrial and civil construction and scrap reinforced concrete products.

You can order and purchase a wide range of second-hand and scrap of reinforced concrete products from us.

Second-hand piles, second-hand road slabs, second-hand SV supports (pillars), second-hand foundation wall blocks FBS, second-hand mustot floor slabs (hollow core) PC, second-hand reinforced concrete girders, second-hand reinforced concrete girders , used lintels and much more for construction, you can order from us at affordable prices.

By ordering scrap or used concrete products from us, you can significantly save on the purchase of concrete products.

When ordering, please immediately indicate the delivery option: pickup or delivery.

You can get more detailed advice on the volume, characteristics and order of used or scrap concrete products from our specialists by phone or by sending an application to our address.

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