The concrete paver SMZH-69B consists of a portal frame, a hopper, a belt feeder, a feeder drive, a damper drive, a travel drive, a smoothing roller, a device for water irrigation, a funnel lifting mechanism, pneumatic system and electrical equipment.

The frame is a welded gantry type structure. Drive and travel wheels are built into the lower beams of the frame sidewalls. On the frame, the drive for the movement of the concrete paver is mounted. The hopper with a feeder is attached to the frame brackets with support channels. The belt feeder is suspended from the bottom to the hopper obliquely, at an angle of 5 … 8 °. The inclined suspension of the feeder ensures the drainage of the laitance and concrete particles that penetrate the outer edges of the feeder belt.

To improve the quality of the lower surface of the product, a device for water irrigation is provided in the construction of the concrete paver. It consists of a body with a spray device and a hose that connects to the water supply near the forming station. A lever is attached to the body, which closes the water hole with a spring. When the lever is pressed, the hole opens and the operator sprinkles water on the pan.

The hopper flap is opened and closed by a pneumatic cylinder suspended from the hopper. The concrete paver is controlled from a control panel installed on the operator’s platform.

The concrete paver can lay a concrete mixture with a mobility of 0.3 cm in the draft of the cone, prepared using aggregates containing the amount of dusty, clayey and silty particles not exceeding the amount specified in GOST 826782, GOST 8268-82, GOST 8736-85.


Maximum width of molded products, mm 2 200
Adjustment of the width of the concrete mix, mm 1 180, 1 400, 2 000
Number of bins, pcs. 1
Hopper capacity (geometric), m3 2,1
Vibrator IV-99B, pcs. 1
Rated power consumption, kW 0,5
Rotation speed of the belt feeder, rpm 26,5 (± 1,5)
Feeder capacity at the maximum open outlet, when dispensing loose concrete mixture with a cone draft of 0 ÷ 3 cm, m3 / min 2,5
Concrete feeding motor power, kW 4
Smoothing device motor power, kW 1
Electric motor power per stroke, kW 4
Hopper outlet opening-closing drive pneumatic
Moving the funnel up and down electromechanical
Hopper lifting height, mm 750
Concrete paver travel speed, m / s 0,206/0,313
Number of electric motors for the movement of the concrete paver, pcs. 1
Installed capacity of the concrete paver, kW, no more 10
Length 2 240
Width 4 000
Height (from the rail head) 3 100
Track, mm 2 800(-2,-6)
Weight, kg, no more 3 500


Complete lines for the production of PC slabs (hollow core slabs) are also available.

Prices: on request.