Steel pipe FBE, DFBE, 3PE(PP) external (or internal) anticorrosion insulation coating equipment of the company “CLECIM” (made in France. New, from long-term storage)

Steel pipe FBE, DFBE, 3PE(PP) external (or internal) insulation coating equipment

Produced in 1992 by France firm Clesim
(Today Siemens VAI, as part of Primetals Technologies)

CLECIM polyethylene anticorrosion equipment is intended for coating steel pipes with a diameter of 57-530 mm and a length of 36 meters (with the possibility of expanding the insulated pipe to 1020 mm). The equipment allows producing up to 2000 km of a pipeline (with a pipe length of 12 m) per year of various configurations with several types of internal and external coatings.

It is possible to apply 3 types of external coating:

  • single layer based on epoxy powder
  • two-layer based on polyethylene and adhesive sublayer
  • three-layer based on polyethylene, adhesive sublayer and epoxy powder

Internal pipe insulation is provided:

  • single layer based on epoxy powder

To accommodate this set of equipment requires a room of more than 10,000 sq.m.

About Differences between 3PE and FBE Epoxy Coating Pipe read here

Equipment manufactured in 1992, canned in an open area in wooden plywood boxes, wrapped in a specialized plastic film. Packaging is suitable for transportation by rail, water. The equipment is fully prepared for transportation and installation. To transport the entire set of equipment, 65 standard railway cars are required.

Price a new 10 000 000 EUR

But we can to offer this new line significantly lower than the price of a new

The highly reinforced and reinforced external two-layer and three-layer anti-corrosion insulation of steel pipes using extruded polyethylene is the most effective anti-corrosion waterproofing design in comparison with other methods, such as bitumen insulation, wrapping with polymer tapes, etc., due to the fact that the pipe extruded insulation is completely monolithic and does not allow the contact of the steel pipe of the foam insulation with an aggressive external environment.

Also, at the request of the customer, pipes are manufactured in the highly reinforced of insulation in an additional insulation foam.

The adhesion layer that is applied to the metal surface of the pipe ensures adhesion of the anti-corrosion coating to the surface of the steel pipe. The use of modern application technologies in the production of 3PE(PP) pipes allows protecting the product from corrosion for 30 years of operation. The design of such pipes is highly durable, and with proper operation, the service life of such a pipe can increase up to 50 years.

A total of 71 technological positions, a brief composition.

Cost and more detailed and information on request.

Brief technical description and photos of the production line:

Factory pipe insulation equipment – CLECIM / Image of the highly enhanced CLECIM anti-corrosion coating line Clecim (Russian guide)