Pallet circulation system (carousel, revolving system) for the production of reinforced concrete precast walls, floors, floor slabs, Filigree slabs or sandwich walls (sandwich walls).Pallet circulation systems for the production of reinforced concrete wall panels, double walls, solid walls and sandwich walls from standard and lightweight concrete are used all over the world to fully meet production needs. The productivity of such systems is from 200 to 3000 m2 of walls per shift.
This manufacturing method allows for a manufacturing process that can be controlled all the way from the CAD system to the construction site.

Линя циркуляции паллет схема на сайте

An approximate diagram of a pallet circulation systemThe degree of automation of the plants can be adapted depending on the planned capacity and local conditions. The plants are made up of modules and can be adapted to almost all market requirements.

The cost of a new line of this kind starts from EUR 3,000,000. We are able to offer used pallet circulation lines starting from 370,000 EUR.

A pallet circulation system for the production of a wide variety of precast concrete products is usually designed individually as an in-line plant. Material flow planning and the design of individual workstations depend on the precast concrete parts to be manufactured, for example:

  • floor slabs,
  • double walls,
  • solid walls (internal partition panels),
  • multi-layer walls (three-layer walls),
  • balcony slabs,
  • facade elements,
  • Filigran slabs.

However, this is far from the entire list of products possible for production on this equipment. The line allows you to develop and introduce into production any engineering solutions for panels and slabs of modern housing construction.

GBI-Trdae is now in a position to offer a pre-owned Vollert-Weckenmann pallet circulation line with only 268 hours of operating time (34 eight-hour shifts).

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Location – Canary Islands or Germany.

Photo and list of elements of this system:

Operating principle of the pallet circulation line:

One of the types of products produced on the circulation line is the production of external wall panels in three layers. It can mainly consist of a compact plotter, a concrete spreader, two cranes for working with formwork, a formwork transport system, a pallet cleaning station, a system workstation and a turner.

The pallet goes through the cleaning station to the plotter. Using a computer program, the plotter puts the dimensions of the product, openings, etc. on the pallet. The advantages of this method are obvious – it speeds up the production process and guarantees the absence of measurement errors. Then, using a crane, a formwork system is installed on the marked pallet, after which the pallet with the formwork is moved to the reinforcement post, and then to the concreting post. The concrete spreader fills the formwork with concrete quickly and accurately. Next, the pallet with the product moves to the elevator, with the help of which it is installed in the cell of the drying chamber. The product is there for 2-3 hours, then it is moved to one of the surface smoothing stations. There is a radio-controlled “trowel” here, which provides faster and better surface treatment than traditional methods. After processing the top layer of concrete, the pallet is again placed in the drying chamber. As soon as the product has gained strength, it is transferred to a vertical position using a tilting table (inclined table) and unloaded onto a cart for removal to the finished product warehouse. After finishing work, buckets of targeted concrete supply are washed.

  • Vollert-Weckenmann pallet circulation line:
  • 320 m2 double (multilayer) walls per shift or
  • 800 m2 Filigran slabs
  • 500 m2 of solid walls per shift.

The plant is intended for:

  • Double walls 180 – 400 mm. (with insulated double walls, with the possibility of installing thermal insulation material).
  • Solid walls 100 – 200 mm.
  • Filigran plates.

How much space does such a line take?

Below is a diagram of the arrangement of the elements of this line in the workshop with a span of 121.575 * 26.500 meters. This is one of the layout options, since in each case the arrangement of the elements can be designed individually.