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A new kit for the BSU is on sale.


  • Compulsory concrete mixer BP-1500 with a planetary gearbox for 1.5 cubic meters from the manufacturer Kulonenergomash, Kazan. The volume of the solution for loading is 1 cubic meter.
  • The planetary gearbox and 1 pivot point (instead of the traditional 2), will provide unmatched reliability, no problem of adhesion and no risk of oil leakage. The price as part of a set is 400,000 rubles.
  • Cement filters WAMGROUP made in Italy – 2 pcs,
  • Inert dispensers 2 pcs. (only housings, no pneumatic drives and sensors)
  • WAMGROUP cement augers (without electric motor) – 2 pcs., Length 1.5 m each.

We will provide assistance in completing drives, sensors and motors.

Concrete mixer in overall dimensions, transportation by conventional onboard KAMAZ is possible.

  • The price of a set of BSU when purchased for cash is 680,000 rubles.
  • The price of a separate concrete mixer BP-1500 is 550,000 rubles.

When buying by bank transfer, 8-12% is added to the cost.

Also on sale is a Mobile, mobile bsu / rbu with a capacity of 30 cubic meters / hour.


At GBI Trade you can order and buy used or new precast concrete equipment in excellent working order. To buy a Kit for a batching plant, including a Concrete Mixer BP-1500 with a volume of 1.5 cubic meters of forced action, send a request to GBI-Trade and our specialists will promptly provide you with all the necessary information.

You can also use the feedback form to order. This will significantly save your time, and will allow our specialists to process your request and respond to your request more efficiently and quickly.
You can order additional equipment for the production of concrete products. In this case, to the application for the purchase of the Concrete Mixer BP-1500 with a volume of 1.5 cubic meters of compulsory action, attach an application for the equipment you are interested in.