GBI Trade delivers new and used battery molds (battery molds, battery molds) for reinforced concrete wall panels, floor slabs, staircases, stairways for construction companies and large-panel housing construction enterprises.

Both entire cassette installations and separate components are sold:

  • Frame elements
  • Stripping machine with hydraulics
  • Forming sheets (6000 * 3000 * 24, 6800 * 3700 * 24, 8000 * 4000 * 24)
  • Steam Shirts
  • Vibrators, vibration heads with motor

Additionally, dismantling, loading, delivery, installation, commissioning is carried out.

Prices and location upon request.

There are more than 30 used cassette installations throughout the Russian Federation.

Shipment within 5-10 business days.

Cassette installations for the manufacture of interior house building panels, floor slabs, flights of stairs and landings:

  • Russian-made SMZh series:

SMZH 253 sheet 8000x3760mm.

SMZH-3302 sheet 8000x3300mm.

SMZH-3312 sheet 6800x3300mm.

SMZH-3322 sheet 6800x3300mm.

SMZH-7412/1 sheet 6500X3300mm.

  • Elematic sheet 8 * 3,030 m, (for 8 products) made in Finland, location – Russia.
  • TECHNOPLAN A16157 sheet 9.00 x 2.80m (for 17 pieces, 9 compartments 9.00 x 2.80m and 8 compartments 6.50 x 2.80m), located in Germany:

кассетная установка ЖБИ

Battery mold TECHNOPLAN

A complete list of current positions of cassette installations (battery mold):