Industrial equipment of various industries, new or used

GBI-Trade sells other industrial equipment not related to the field of concrete products.
Implemented by:
  • Crane technology.
  • Boiler equipment, climatic equipment.
  • Equipment for the production of insulation for metal pipes.
  • Other equipment and machinery.
  • Road special machinery, equipment for the production and laying of asphalt.

The term of shipment is from 3 to 7 days after dismantling, after agreeing on the nomenclature, scope of delivery and payment.
  • Pickup - by customer's transport.
  • Delivery - by our forces by road.
  • Delivery - by our forces by rail.

If you are interested, go to the appropriate section or contact our specialists at the contacts indicated on the site.



Any point
Of Russia

Acceptance of goods
from neighboring countries

You can also buy Equipment and lines for reinforced concrete plants from us.
In addition to purchasing equipment and lines for precast concrete factories, you can purchase Used Metalloformy.
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