Equipment and lines for precast concrete factories

GBI-Trade will supply your company with new and used production lines, additives and plasticizers for concrete, and individual components, such as:
  • Pallet circulation system
  • Battery mold
  • New and used crane installations (gantry and bridge cranes).
  • New and used concrete mixing plants.
  • Cyclones, new and used.
  • Used bins.
  • Classifiers new and used.
  • Tanks.
  • Second-hand concrete casting lines.
  • New and used screens.
  • Used conveyor systems.
  • Used tumble dryers.
  • Used metalworking machines.
  • New and used welding equipment.
  • Additives for Concrete.



Any point
Of Russia

Acceptance of goods
from neighboring countries

You can also buy SECOND-HAND Metalform from us.
In addition to purchasing Used Metalloform, you can purchase industrial equipment of various industries, new or used.
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